Whether educating cohorts of thousands of entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, DC, Santiago or London, or an intimate group of 100 leaders for a big corporation, Pedro connects with global audiences in an extraordinary way. He was born as an entrepreneur in the early 90’s and started educating entrepreneurs globally in the 2000’s. Ever since, he has been committed to helping individuals and organisations thrive. Pedro has coached and trained over 5,000+ leaders in America, Asia, and Europe.

Pedro is known for his ability to simplify complexity, identify inefficiencies, connect dots, and imagine ideas that drive meaningful outcomes. He is an internationally recognised thought leader, seasoned entrepreneur, battle-tested coach, and sought-after keynote speaker on business strategy, growth, technology, and innovation.

As a business coach, Pedro works with impact driven CEOs and their leadership teams to scale their organisations and make a dent in the world. He brings his own experience and expertise as an entrepreneur, and his record as a coach, to deliver solid results that build to their success.

Pedro is also a professor, consultant and international speaker at organizations such as MIT, EGADE Business School, Universidad Católica de Chile, US NSF, US DoS, IDB and WIPO, to name a few. He is an international speaker and has shared the stage with thought leaders such as Steve Blank, Bob Dorf, Alexander Osterwalder, Jeff Hoffman, and Yves Pigneur, just to name a few.

As an accomplished author, Pedro has written books on business strategy, growth, technology, sustainability, and innovation. He is a member of various boards of organizations and global corporations that focus on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, futurism and gender. And as a prolific speaker, Pedro gives +50 talks a year to audiences of all sizes around the world. He has been profiled in a wide range of media outlets, including Warner Media, Grupo Imagen, History Channel, Grupo Expansión, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, among others.

Since 2000, Pedro has become a growth partner for CEOs. It offers a tailor-made program to scale your operations, based on its extensive experience, deep operational knowledge, and proven processes used by thousands of organizations around the world. These are the tools and best practices that have helped intermediate companies scale faster, stronger, easier, and with less drama.

With a mother from Mexico, a father from Spain, ancestors from France and the Middle East, and living and spending significant periods of time in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, the UK and the US, Pedro brings a holistic, diverse, and international perspective to everything you do. His work has taken him to America, Asia and Europe.

As a private investor in StartUps and ScaleUps, Pedro enjoys spending time with his family, making coffee, reading, listening to music, building with Lego, watching movies and riding his bike.