Develop a clear Vision of your Business and design a Plan accordingly. Most organisations define their strategy, start execution, and never look back. In today’s everchanging markets, revaluating and redesigning your game plan is the smart thing to do

Join us for a half-day workshop where you can learn exactly how we combine extensive experience, great expertise, and proven tools. Experience what thousands of entrepreneurs have used to achieve Scalingness and multiply 2x your cash flow, 3x your earnings and 10x your valuation.

If you are a determined business leader focused on improving success and growing your organization. If you are a regular in continuing education and you are determined to grow your business. If you are looking for a better way to scale your business faster and with less drama. This Workshop is Specially Designed for You.

Your Takeaways

Alignment of your strategy and your team: better results, less effort, more accuracy. Acceleration of your growth: faster outcomes, accountability, motivation, focus. Clarity of your path: better understanding of your context, your organisation, and your endgame.

See for yourself how you and your business can benefit with these frameworks. Attend the next Workshop with other business owners and learn together. Or ask us for a Private Workshop.

Does your company have what it takes?

We believe that Scalingness is a state of mind where teams are aligned, share a goal, a vision, a purpose, behind the company’s strategy and values. It takes leaders to lead the organisational changes that will create the proper evolution needed to grow and generate impact.

Eventually, every member of your team, from leadership to staff, will play an active role in the shift in perspective. The results will be spectacular. But it starts at the top. Change will not happen without your commitment and from those in your leadership team. Tools, meeting rhythms, new communication norms and other behaviours need to be modelled top down.

It takes time. There is no magic wand. It must become a habit, part of your culture. It could take iterations over eight quarters of methodical practice to move your organisation forward. But you will reach a point of no return, where the business will go from wanting to grow, to facing the challenge and evolving into new ways of working. In measuring the right things. In committing to improve your business. Then, you will be able to grow 2x cash flow, 3x profit, and 10x valuation.

We have different approaches to supporting your growth:

  • Annual commitment (recommended)
  • Finetuning Session
  • Strategy Session
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Private Workshop
  • Executive Coaching
  • Masterminds

How long will it take and how much should it cost?

There are several factors that impact this answer, such as the discipline of the leadership team, previous experience implementing methodologies in a running business, spare capacity of the organisation, depth to implement, cash conversion cycle, etc.

You could invest anywhere from $20 to $200,000 per year for several years. The difference ranges from a do it yourself approach to a business coach option in different modalities.

1. Do It Yourself

Buy a copy of the books (EBELI, Scaling Up, etc.) from Amazon or Google Books for you and your team and go for it ($20). Most books are almost instruction manuals and includes open-source tools. You then need to motivate change and determination into your team.

2. Public Workshop

If you attempted the DIY path and feel stuck or simply need more speed, the Public Workshop is your next step. This half-day executive coaching session cost $450 per executive. The workshops are in person for maximising the learning experience. It is ideal for businesses interested in embarking in Scalingness or overcoming a specific obstacle. Often a CEO brings members of the leadership team to help them embrace the process. This is a precious opportunity to meet like-minded leaders.

3. Private Workshop

This is a perfect space for a strategic off-site with executive sessions where you will leave with a Strategic Plan and deep understanding of your Value Proposition, of your Culture, goals for the next 90 days, and profound work on development of your team. This way of jumpstarting your implementation or of adjusting relevant levers of your strategy lasts one to three days and costs $10,000 to $30,000 in total.

4. Annual Investment

After a coaching session and workshop, public or private, the next step is often a coaching partnership. We start with a two- or three-days off-site planning session for the leadership team. We then replicate every quarter for one- or two-days session. In following years, we have a two-day annual planning session in the fiscal fourth quarter and the respective other quarterly sessions. This is sustained by monthly leadership coaching and troubleshooting sessions for the CEO. We charge an annual retainer that, after the initial planning session, will cost in the range of $4,000 to $10,000 per month ($50,000 to $120,000 total). This depends on the number of days needed between the kick-off, the sessions, and the number of members of the leadership team receiving executive coaching.