1. All members on the leadership team are an A player.

2. All feel comfortable having difficult conversations based on facts

3. We would re-hire everyone.

4. We always attract the right talent to support our growth objectives.

5. We have a structured sourcing process to select the right people.

6. We have a system to educate and coach our people.

7. We measure Productivity Per Employee and have an action plan to double it over the next 3 to 5 years.

8. Our Purpose and Values are known, alive, and driving decisions by everyone in the organisation.


1. We like the growth speed of our top-line revenue and gross margin.

2. We figured out how to make a lot of money.

3. We have set the right BHAG for our business model.

4. We have clear and measurable Brand Promises (reasons why people should buy from us).

5. Our elevator pitch is widely known.

6. We operate radically different than our competition.

7. We focus more on the price (market) than the cost (operation).

8. The CEO and part of the leadership team spend time weekly on strategy and monitor trends


1. Our net profit is 3 to 5 times industry average.

2. We rarely spend time responding to crises.

3. We have defined metrics for each priority in our plan. We update them regularly and display them.

4. Each employee can articulate our quarterly priorities and their role in conquering them.

5. We receive feedback from our customers about us and our competitors.

6. We have alignment between our strategic plan and quarterly priorities.

7. We have periodical meetings to align activities with priorities.

8. We have processes for employees’ suggestions and feedback for culture, communication and team strengthening.


1. We use cash from customers to grow.

2. We have large cash reserves or access to large amounts of cash to pursue opportunities and survive downturns.

3. Our financial statements are accurate and timely.

4. We periodically review 12-month cash flow projections.

5. We know our Customer Acquisition Cost

6. We know the Lifetime Value of a Customer.

7. We pursue ideas for reducing our Cash Conversion Cycle (period of time from placing $1 of working capital into daily operations, until it returns as cash collected).

8. We have effective policies for accounts payable and receivable.

Thank you for taking the assessment!

When scaling an organisation you face challenges in all four areas, but you can only focus on one at a time, so it is relevant to know where to start.
Ask your leadership team to answer the Assessment too. Compare results and gain consensus of where to start.

All four areas are connected. You should pay attention to the one that precedes your lowest score because it might be the cause of it.
We are ready to support you like we have helped 5,000+ other leaders over the past 20+ years. We would like to offer you a personal follow-up from our team to share how we can support you, which may include a more comprehensive assessment (20 minutes) which we use in our CEO Bootcamps ($199 value).
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